AK KrajewskaMy name is AK Krajewska. I’m a poet, essayist, and combat epistemologist. I write nature poetry of the anthropocene. I live in San Francisco, California.

rinse.middle.bliss is a place to collect my writing (and possibly other projects) in one place on the internet that is my place on the internet.

I named it thus because rinse.middle.bliss is the three word location address of a spot along Wood Line by Andy Goldsworthy in the Presidio. I use the utopian mapping technology of what3words to point my virtual place at one of my favorite physical places. Utopian technology, nature, and art, all in one name. 

Sense of place is important not just to my writing, not just to my thinking, but to my sense of self. I started noticing some years ago that I’m a different person in different places. I like some of these people better than others, so I try to be in the places where I am the person that I want to be. The Presidio in San Francisco has been one of my Places for 15 years. Andy Goldsworthy’s Wood Line, while added only in 2011, harmonizes with and enhances the sense of place in the part of the Presidio where it is placed.

The subhead slug is a bit from Dhalgren by Samuel Delaney.

Like everything else in town, you just hear about it until it bumps into you. You have to put yourself at the mercy of the geography, and hope the down-hills and up-hills, working propitiously with how much you feel like fighting and how much you feel like accepting, manage to get you there. You’ll find it eventually.