text of poem "They might be wild roses"

They might be wild roses

They might be wild roses


he is going

London is awake,

discover a secret under unnatural lights

dancing queen was the worst.


God inhaled

authenticity do not apply to his work. []

Don’t imagine food, supplies, and babies.

They came to turn

Nordstrom. The

sex I had when

This poem was generated using the cut-up technique as part of a group exercise at a class I’m taking at The Grotto called Pushing The Boundaries: Experiments in Fiction and Poetry (with Jenny Bitner). Every member of the class cut out words and phrases from whatever sources they chose, put them in a big envelope, and then we grabbed a handful at random and arranged them pretty much as they came. I manipulated mine slightly but only very slightly. You can learn more about cut-up technique and try it yourself. I don’t know why I never thought to use cut-up before, but then again that’s exactly why I decided to take this class: to push me in new creative directions.